The “I FOUND OUT WHY” TOUR is the most unique and fascinating production ever created to tell the greatest story ever told. It combines the latest computer generated technology, special FX, CGI characters, augmented reality, holographic illusion, video mapping magic, world class music, live actors and performers to reveal true identity and purpose.  It transforms an audience into participants as it compels each person to take a journey into the imagination and heart of life itself. Confronting the most intriguing question a person will ever ask, "Why was I born?"  The "I Found Out Why" Tour will stimulate the imagination, engage the audience and create a sense of awe & wonder at every moment. 


This original dramatic tour is geared to target the 61 million Generation Z, the 48 million younger Millennials and the 120 million parents, grandparents and guardians who raised and are raising them!   Anxiety, depression and suicide are at all-time highs among these technology driven generations.  Time is short.  We must do something now.  The urgency to provide a relatable solution through technology, mixed with a message of hope, is finally here!    Get ready for the most talked about, most impacting tour on the planet -- The "I Found Out Why" Tour.  


We plan to launch the tour this fall/winter 2019.  Our tour will consist of 100+ dates across the U.S. through May 2020. We then plan to be available for Festivals and Conferences in the summer 2020.


Contact WHY Productions asap for information on booking the tour for your venue.



We are looking for large churches, civic theaters, colleges, school theaters, conferences & festivals willing to host this immersive and experiential tour. Due to the size of video walls, rigging, illusions, special FX and design, we are limited to venues with a stage large enough to facilitate the tour. Typically a stage should be 40' wide by at least 25' deep.


Contact us with any questions or concerns about your venue.


We want to invite you to partner with us in creating the greatest production ever created to tell the greatest story ever told. 


We strongly believe that time is short and our youth are impressionable, hurting and need a solution NOW.

If you join us NOW as a corporate sponsor, you will reserve an exclusive place in front of the largest, consumer generation that has ever lived.   Learn more.


"This is huge. It's Crazy creative with a production value out of this world. This is a truly unique concept with genuine innovation. That's very rare in today's entertainment world. Any world for that matter."

Jeff Lava 

44 Designs, Nashville, TN

"I manage 50+ Production Managers, Creative Directors and Producers for live event and television productions. The best and most successful productions I represent are "Pop" and "EDM" concerts. They are the best produced and written. I've never done a faith-based production. They just aren't written or done very well. They also aren't funded good enough to do. But this tour is the exception. This looks like a hit! I believe you will reach your target audience and some. This is more than a show. This is a faith-based production I wouldn't mind being connected to." 

Michael  Wright 

Roof Top Management, Los Angeles, CA

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